Good visual design is not a luxury...

It is, however, an incredibly powerful means for conveying your message and representing yourself to the world. Whether your needs are as simple as an invitation for a private event, as substantial as a full-color publication design, or as complex as user interface design for your web or mobile application, I have the experience and skill to make your project a success.

With 25 years of studio experience spanning literally thousands of unique projects, my approach to visual design is both playful and mature. My primary focus is always to find the best intersection of your goals, your budget, and good visual design. In addition to its visual appeal, my work also incorporates a high degree of technical expertise that helps to guarantee a smooth project flow from initial design to final production.

I don't believe that there is only one right answer to any design challenge... there should always be room for my solutions to accommodate your tastes and preferences. (But if you start leaving big muddy handprints on the design in progress, I promise to let you know!)

I invite you to contact me to discuss your design needs, request project samples that are relevant to your specific needs, and to discover whether my skills are a good match for your project. Graphic design is a complex alchemy of visual elements joined with relevant data in a manner that facilitates comprehension and promotes retention (in other words, "making beautiful things that work beautifully").

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